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Western Favorites Now In Futian District

Founded in 2019, UMAMI has become a recent favorite for their specialty

burgers, pizzas, wraps, BBQ chicken and beef brisket.

What's UMAMI?

UMAMI, Japanese for 'deliciousness', doesn't hold back on flavor or quality.

Double Feta Burger

This is one of my favorites. Two thick and juicy lean beef patties layered with feta cheese and savory caramelized onions. The burger patties are smashed on the grill to create more surface area for the Maillard Reaction to take place. When burgers are smashed on a hot grill, the proteins break down into smaller compounds. And this causes browned, charred, and toasty flavor - it makes meat taste like a proper diner burger!


Enjoying UMAMI With Friends...

Where else can you get brisket nachos in Shenzhen?


Take exit A from Hongling North metro station. Walk north for about 5 minutes. You'll see UMAMI on the west side (left-hand side) of the road!

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